Mama Needs her Hemp Protein Coffee

Hemp, whey protein and coffee? Hmm…. an unlikely combination you may think. Yet due to the enormous amount of people in the world that drink coffee,  the extreme health benefits of hemp, the popularity of whey, and the incline in the wellness industry in general; hemp, whey protein and coffee may seem like a feasible…

New Hemp Product line

They are finally here! We’ve been searching a long time for the ultimate plant based protein and when we finally found it available in both smoothies and coffee, We said ” We’re in!” We are extremely proud to present to you the new products we are carrying, and think you guys will love it just as much as we do.

Yes! Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

Coffee. There really doesn’t even need to be any more said. I can pretty much just stop there…… People are addicted, literally, and it’s actually a great thing! It can be pretty amazing for your brain, your skin and your body. Below you will find a great list of reasons it’s even better than OK to wake up and smell the coffee!