Hemp and Headaches

Terrible headache

I was one of those really luck people who suffered from migraine headaches. As if I wasn’t lucky enough, I had the special “atypical” type. There is good and bad to this. NOW that I am fully aware of the symptoms, I actually know one is coming on, and I can begin to take precautionary measures, like hit the bed. If having a pounding headache wasn’t bad enough, you are also at a higher risk for heart attack, stroke or both. The more headaches you get, the higher the risk.  If you are one  who suffers from Migraine headaches, read on…there is hope for many sufferers.

What causes a Migraine headache? According to studies, a chemical imbalance in the brain is what causes a migraine. The two chemicals that are responsible are: Serotonin and Dopamine. The theory is that the amounts of these chemicals change drastically causing the immune system to over react. The sudden change causes the blood vessels in the brain to open suddenly, then constrict suddenly. This in turn excites the nerve impulses in the brain. This is what causes the characteristic throbbing Migraine headache pain. No one really knows what triggers these chemicals in the brain to go out of balance. We do know what factors contribute to them. Certain processed foods, chocolate, stress, eye strain and poor diet are some of the common factors that play a role in what causes Migraine headaches.

Currently, there are many drugs to treat migraines. Beta blockers, anti depressant and anti seizure medications, as well as he the Imitrex are all being used, and all have a long list of dangerous side effects to go along with them. We’ve been conditioned to accept horrible side effects with these medications. There is truly no anti migraine medication known with no side effects except Cannabis.

hemp seedsThe reason why Cannabis prevents Migraine headaches is simple. Cannabis regulates the regular flow of Serotonin and Dopamine in the brain, and prevents this condition from occurring to begin with. Cannabis also dilates blood vessels allowing for better blood flow. A good example of this, is the effect Cannabis has on people with MS. Migraine headaches like MS, are a vascular (blood flow) problem with one’s body.

Once upon a time, Cannabis was used to treat everything from menstrual cramps to cancer and Migraine headaches. For 75 years Cannabis was the primary treatment used to prevent Migraines in North America. Not one person reported any side effects. The best thing to do when you have a Migraine is to sleep it off if possible. Treating an active Migraine is still possible by consuming Cannabis, however  the most important factor is in it’s prevention from happening all together.

Cannabis doesn’t cure anything. Cannabis contains all the substances your body needs for optimal performance of all it’s vital functions.

Cannabis is a remedy used to to prevent Migraine headaches and comes in many forms for personal preference.

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